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Asmaa Chaudhry is a British Asian qualified lawyer, fashionista, trendsetter, journalist, media personality, radio and TV host, writer, poetess, motivational speaker and fitness enthusiasts. She is a best known for her trendy and stylish signature look. She also has a great fashion tastes.

Best-known for her radio shows Mouj Bharaan with Asmaa,The Breakfast Show and her radio talk show, all for the UK based channel. Asmaa also has many other skills. She is a writer, producer and actor, and has also worked as a fashion model. She is also notable for her work as a bureau chief. She has qualified legal advisor and is extremely passionate about her work in the legal profession. Many have described her as kind, friendly, creative and hard working in everything she approaches. She also loves cats and never passes up an opportunity to fuss them!  Asmaa is also very active in community and social work.




Asmaa Chaudhry Law Graduate at Huddersfield Uni

Asmaa completed her legal professional degree(LL.B) and achieved her LLM (Master in Law) in commercial law at the University of Huddersfield, United Kingdom. She was very studious and hardworking and never put off her studies until tomorrow, instead preferring to focus on them in the moment.







Legal Profession


Asmaa Chaudhry Lawyer UKUpon completion of her degree, she began her legal career in earnest. She works as a self-employed immigration lawyer. In the past, she also gained experience as a generalist advisor in the Citizens Advice Bureau. Her experience thus far in the legal profession has enabled her to develop an extensive range of skills. She is confident in helping others and likes to display a welcoming and polite disposition when meeting clients. She is passionate about practicing law and has a good sense of humour too, which can come in useful at times!





Fashionista-Trend Setter

Asmaa Chaudhry fashion

Asmaa is a fashionista and a trend setter. She is regularly work with Brands, PR & on a range of varying projects. Asmaa has hypnotising, chameleonic quality to her features. She can carry off any look off –her face, pink rosebud lips, prominent eyes and a killer cheekbones can mould into any character. View Photo Portfolio

Also, Asmaa knows her face and understand the power of makeup. She has a huge understanding of how to mould expression and feelings into character. Being an Experienced Media Professional she is confident and camera friendly.

She is an amateur costume model. While at the university of Huddersfield,  Asmaa was a costume model for the art and creative department. She took part in a professional photo shoot and a ramp walk, as well as modelling make-up and becoming a hair model. She also has a good fashion taste. She is not only adept at making people want also at adding new strings to her style. View Style File-Asmaa

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In The Media

Asmaa Chaudhry anchorShe is most notable as a Radio & Tv presenter of her weekly show Mouj Bharaan with Asmaa in Asian Radio Live. Her weekly music and talk shows reach a wide audience. She hopes to deliver powerful messages in an entertaining way to make her audience laugh and smile. Asmaa started her media activities in 2008 as a Presenter in Radio FM87.7 Sheffield. In 2009, she joined BBC Radio Sheffield Ethnic teams as a broadcast journalist but focused on as a newsreader and presenter, writing, producing and acting in a hugely-successful play during her time there. She is privileged to have taken part in commercials, performances, short dramas and featured stories over the years, many of which have received widespread acclaim. Over the years she has found and adopted a friendly and professional style that has clicked with her supportive audience, and she is eternally grateful for their support and fandom!  She was also recognised as the first newsreader of Urdu language at BBC Radio Sheffield. She is known here too, as the first Urdu language drama writer.

View Portfolio in the Media



To Asmaa, books are her best friends. A writer can convey his ideas through the power of words and records his feelings on paper. She has been fortunate to share her feelings and ideas in print media and also online, in Urdu, English and Hindi languages. Her works include articles, fiction, kids’ stories, women’s issue, health and fitness, spirituality, quotes of the day and poetry, sometimes in her native language. These have been published in the various newspapers and magazines .  She has been writing creatively from the age of 10. As a child writer, she wrote stories for the kids’ magazines.  Over time her skills in this area have improved, although her main reason for writing is simply her passion for it.



Asmaa sometimes finds time to pen the odd poem too! She has written Ghazals in Urdu, Hindi, Gur Mukhi and Shah Mukhi Languages. Some of these have been published in various newspapers and magazines. She has participated in many ‘Mushaira’.

In The Journalism

Asmaa is a multilin-gual(Urdu,Hindi & English) journalist. She is enjoying the writing and reporting on various issues in the Worldwide. Her columns and features are written exclusively in English and Urdu and translated into other languages. She is currently the bureau chief in South Yorkshire for the Daily Pukar International Urdu news website. Her work is remarkable in Urdu and English Langagues. She is serving as a writer for Waris-e-Awadh and Sadae Ansari Indian based newspapers.View Portfolio in the Journalism 

Community Support and Social Works

Community support and social works are Asmaa’s passion. Voluntary work at a local women’s organisation enabled her to provide free legal advice to women who were victims of domestic pressure and violence, as well as rape.  Also she was being involved with the Kamyabi Community Project in Nottingham. Sadly this is no more. As part of this role she provided legal advice to women’s organizations concerning human rights law.  

Motivational Speaker / mentor

Asmaa also provided positive thinking, confidence building classes and workshops, mainly for those aged 18-60+ from the Asian subcontinent, but also for vulnerable women. She has a good understanding of the problems facing the Asian community; being bilingual also helps Asmaa communicate with many more people.  Finally Asmaa also helps with the charity Brahma Kumari, which is a spiritual university. They run free meditation classes, positive thinking seminars, events and workshops.

Awards and Achievement  

She has been incredibly fortunate to have received a number of awards over time. These include:

1) Best Event Organiser for the Asian Community Centre in Nottingham

2) Best Community Speaker – Kamyabi Community Project, Nottingham

3) Numerous awards in school and universities, including Best Performance, Best Presentation

4) Best Radio presenter- Community Award

5) Certificate of Literary contributors

6) Certificates of Professional Excellency

Words by Asmaa Chaudhry

People will come and go in your life. You are the only constant companion you will have from birth to death. That means you are and will always be the most important person in your life. Treat yourself accordingly – with respect, patience, kindness and forgiveness. Stay happy and Stay tuned…..!  Asmaa Chaudhry

Facts About Asmaa

Asmaa Chaudhry UK.Name: Asmaa Chaudhry   اسماٴ چوھدری अस्मा चौधरी

Birth Star: Aquarius

Eyes: Hazel brown

Hair: Dark brown (Silky straight)

Complexion: Fair

Special Skills: Polite, motivational speaker, fitness enthusiasts and camera friendly

Passionate About: Fashion, fitness, beauty and presentation Love to Photography


Style File- Asmaa Chaudhry


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Asmaa Chaudhry



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