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Asmaa ChaudhryBritish Asian multi talented lawyer, fed by all things creative. An entrepreneur,fashionista, trend setter, fitness enthusiast, Radio and TV host, journalist, author, poetess , motivational speaker and scriptwriter.

Creative, socially-adept and multilingual, Asmaa Chaudhry is a professional practising lawyer. She is recognised for her intellect, hard work and humanity-loving nature.  She is highly educated and blessed with a decent, charming personality, good sense of humour, outstanding communication, presentation and performance skills. She is also blessed  with a melodic voice and  the ability to connect with an audience. She counts media among her hobbies, presenting and producing shows for Asian Radio Live. She is also the bureau chief of the International Daily Pukar Urdu news website.


A fully-qualified lawyer 

Asmaa completed her legal professional degree (LL.B) and Master’s degree Asmaa Chaudhry Law Graduate at Huddersfield Uniin Commercial law from the University of Huddersfield in 2011. During her time at the university she was voted the Most Outstanding Student, achieving excellent grades to qualify as a lawyer.

She was also chosen to be the chair of the LLM department of the university of Huddersfield. Around the same time she also became a member of the Asian Society and the University Societies.

Her passion for the world of media also came through strongly during this time. She was selected as a costume model at the university, completing a photo shoot and ramp walk for the Creative Art Department. Dance and drama performances have weaved their way through her experiences at school and university. She performed in different year groups and won many prizes and achieved the award for the best performance. View Gallery

An Experienced Media Professional

TV & Radio Shows, Commercials, Short Dramas, Featured Stories, Newsreader & Researcher, Writer, Free-Asma Chaudhry anchorlance Journalist, Producer and  Actress.

Asmaa’s skills, stretch far beyond her capabilities as a lawyer. Her media career began as a presenter on Radio FM87.7 Sheffield in 2008. From there she moved on to BBC Radio Sheffield, and joined ethnic team where she worked as a newsreader and researcher. She also became well-known and respected for writing, producing and acting in play Modern Heer Ranjha, which was aired on BBC Radio Sheffield. Asmaa took on the lead role of Heer. The play was very popular among the Asian community.

As a radio host she has hosted a variety of programs.  She  recognizes because of her program style and  astounding performance. Today she presents numerous language programs and is perhaps best-known for her regular weekly appearances on music programs  ‘Mouj Bharan with Asmaa‘ , Classic Old Music Show  and Breakfast Show  well-received by their audiences. She delivers powerful messages in an entertaining way which makes her audience laugh and smile, being a creative presenter, she is always seeking innovative modes to engage and entertain her audience.View Portfolio in the Media

Beside being a well known media  person, also a fashion blogger and trend setter,  free- lance journalist , writer and poetess. She has written many articles in English and Urdu languages on spirituality, health and fitness, beauty,  women’s issues and politics. She has written many Urdu ghazals and Quotes of the day and these have been published in various newspapers and magazines. Currently, she is also notable for her work with the Urdu news website as a beauru chief. View Portfolio in the Journalism

More about Asmaa

Asmaa Chaudhry costume modelAlongside all this, Asmaa still finds the time to write, sing, take part in events as a costume & make up model. Her strong ability to connect with others and with an audience – whether of one person or many – has allowed her to achieve much thus far. Elegant Asmaa Chaudhry is fond of classical music and old songs especially of 50’s,60’s,70’s and 80’s. She believes that ‘Old is Gold’ and finds old songs exceptionally meaningful.

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Asmaa often speaks of her ‘colorful life’, and when you see how much she has achieved already, you can understand what she means!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit. I’m thrilled we’re connected and I’m excited for the journey ahead.

With all my love,

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