Know The Real Asmaa Press ProfileAsmaa Chaudhry is a British Asian qualified lawyer and fed by all things creative. A fashionista,trend-setterjournalist, media personality, radio, Web TV show host, poetess, writer  and motivational speaker.

A highly educated and well known for her intellect and professional competence.

She is a best  known for her trendy and stylish signature look. She also has a great fashion taste. Style File-Asmaa

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She is also, known for her radio shows Mouj Bharaan with Asmaa,  The Breakfast Show and her radio talk show, all for the UK based channel. Asmaa also has many other skills. She is a writer, producer and actor, and has also worked as a fashion model. She is also notable for her work with the Daily Pukar Urdu news as a bureau chief.

She has qualified legal advisor and is extremely passionate about her work in the legal profession. Many have described her as kind, friendly, creative and hard working in everything she approaches.

She also loves cats and never passes up an opportunity to fuss them! Asmaa is a multilin-gual(Urdu,Hindi & English) journalist. She is enjoying the writing and reporting on various issues in the Worldwide. Her columns and features are written exclusively in English and Urdu and translated into other languages. She is currently the bureau chief in South Yorkshire for the Daily Pukar International Urdu news. Her work is remarkable in English as well as in Urdu Languages. She was also recognised as the first Local newsreader of Urdu language at BBC Radio Sheffield. She is known here too, as the first Urdu language drama writer. View in the Journalism & Litrarture

Asmaa is also very active in community and social work.  She has started “Stay Inspired”social campaign for youth and women and Music Compaign for unband and unsigned Artists from across the world. Every week she introduced new talent in her weekly show and around 400 artists are being introduced in her show so far but the journey is still continuing. She is most notable as a radio presenter of her weekly web TV show ‘Mouj Bharaan’ with Asmaa, talk shows, special events shows and The Breakfast ShowView Radio & TV Library

Community support and social works are Asmaa’s passion. Voluntary work at a local women’s organization enabled her to provide free legal advice to women who were victims of domestic pressure and violence, as well as rape.

She was being involved with the Kamyabi Community Project in Nottingham. Sadly this is no more. As part of this role she provided legal advice to women’s organisations concerning human rights law. Asmaa also provided positive thinking, confidence building classes and workshops, mainly for those aged 18-60+ from the Asian subcontinent, but also for vulnerable women. She has a good understanding of the problems facing the Asian community; being bilingual also helps Asmaa communicate with many more people.

Awards and Achievements:

Asmaa Chaudhry has received a number of awards over time. These include:

1) Best Event Organiser for the Asian Community Centre in Nottingham

2) Best Community Speaker – Kamyabi Community Project, Nottingham

3) Numerous awards in school and universities, including Best Performance, Best Presentation

4) Best Radio presenter- Community Award

5) Certificate of Literary contributors

6) Certificates of Professional Excellency

Basic Information:

a) Nationality: British Asian

b) Education: Bachlor of Law (LLB) and , Post graduate in Commercial law(LLM).

c) Languages: English, Urdu, Hindi and Punjabi.

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